Typographic Bookshelves and Best Mac Accessories for Those Who Love Ornamenting Both the Online and Offline Worlds

Inspite of the book buying behavior slowly shifting towards the e-world, there still lies a large portion of the audience who still prefer smelling the fragrance of fresh books instead of flipping pages on a tablet. E-reading apps and PDFs may have had a drastic change in the way we read documents online but the charm of reading from a physical book is different altogether. This inevitably brings this additional craze of stacking them well in your study which is why bookshelves are still in demand. Only now, the consumers prefer quirky designs for their goodreads instead of simple, straight lined wooden shelves. Presenting some of the latest typographic bookshelves you could have for your interesting reads and make them look the best when stacked at home.

Typographic Bookshelf

An interesting innovation from Meb Rure Design Studio that gives an otherwise ordinary bookshelf a designer look and feel. It's a two-level bookshelf, with the bookend on one side spelling out "Has Been Read" in vertical letters. The shelf on the other end is one step lower, and is bookended by a large "W" that goes on to horizontally spell out "Will Be Read." It's good motivation to begin reading the as-yet unread lot.

Lifeblood Bookshelf

It's actually a collection of five bookshelves made of wood. When you put them together in the right order, the overall shape makes it look like a leaf. That's just one part of the symbolism. The other part comes in when you put the books in as the lifeblood of a spiritual photosynthesis that goes to the core of the human spirit.

ANITA Love Shelf From Quattria

The ANITA collection is a line of shelves that are made to look like words. It comes as a DIY kit that is entirely customizable and can be configured into whatever letters you want it to spell. You can have a bookshelf that says BOOKS, or a CD/DVD rack that says MUSIC. Not to mention LOVE as a shelf in the bedroom to keep stuff that'll help you kindle up some romance by stacking romantic novels too.

Alpacbeto White Bookcase

This typographic bookshelf literally puts your collection of books into words. You get honeycomb modules that are in the shape of letters. Choose a word and buy the letters to make up that word. Each letter is sold individually, so you don't need to buy the full set of alphabets from A-Z if you don't want them. The books you can stack within the natural concave of each letter.

The Books Shelf

A personal typographic bookshelf for those goodreads you read time and again. It fits them perfectly within the contours of the BOOKS spelled shelf that is another wood type project in collaboration with Saori Kajiwara.

Those being of interest for the offline readers, now it's time for bringing some interesting accessories for the ones who are simply in love with their Macbooks and the online world it brings forth. These Best Mac accessories not only come as a complementary addition for your Mac but are useful and efficient too.

Great Wave MacBook Decal

With the use of effective designing, it's made to compliment your Macbook's Apple backlit logo in a charming way that is inspired from the fantastic waves on the beach. The installation can be done without facing bubbles and even the removal process comes with no gooey residue.

Leather MacBook Air 13″ Sleeve by Danny P.

Handmade from the finest Italian leather, the Leather MacBook Air 13″ Sleeve by Danny P. brings you a fashionable Mac Accessory to carry your Macbooks in style. It has a natural velour lining which makes it easy to access your Macbook from the sleeve during those moments when you're hurrying to take out your Macbooks for some urgent work.

Cool Feet Laptop Lifts

Each set includes two tall feet and two short feets you can use to lift your laptops in three different angles and positions. By doing so, you'll be able to allow a constant cooling airflow when working on your laptop everyday. No heavy stands or bulky setups required; the laptop lifts can be attached or detached from your laptops with the help of suction cups.

Cable Guy

A power strip and the power supply units disappear into the bag under your desk. Your notes and business cards are within your reach - but safely stuck under a leather stripe. Efficient Mac Accessory that makes your desk look less cluttered and messy.

Twelve South Bookarc Mod - Vertical Stand For Macbook, Walnut

This arc shaped stand with a marvellous Birch finish poses to elevate your Macbooks from the workspace thus offering a much cleaner tabletop appearance. It also comprises of an in-built cable management system so that at times of emergency, you can just grab the entire holder with the Macbook and move.


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